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Fahredin Shehu

From the armpit of an Angel
I took a lump of essence
I dissolved it in the tear
From the face of eternity
I made a smell
For the progeny of the Beloved

The wanderer returned
The journey was real adventure
Upon his settlement at the shore
The seagull reckoned
The krypton green patch offshore

I approached and entered in
The Gown was ready to be bestowed
I was not ready to accept
As the infant face bears
The eyes of the senile
From the dark green forests
Full of resins, oak moss and
The Golden bow

I escaped this manifestation
I found myself in the valley
Heard the echo of the weeping willow
Smelt the lemongrass, Violet, Daisy and
The wild orchid that bears the pistils
Of Saffron

Human gave so much pain and
This confession is not a complaint
I just want to show you
The path of heart I went through

I just want to remind you of
The room of seclusion you may break
The walls human built up and
The heart is the dimension with
The heavy gravity; you go through and
After you only a spectrum radiates

The bonds of Knowledge may stretch
To the borders of the heart and
The chains of Destiny may
Melt in the presence of divine
Just as snowflake melts in the warmth
Of the spring in the petal
Of the snowdrop and
The leaf of healing fragrant
Of the lemongrass