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by Roddur Roy

Parrot, Then:

Once upon a past tense
Some Creatures got sharp-sense

After scanning nut-brains
Or few nagging nonsense
As, bothered by a black dog
In the mists and fun-fog!

At some tyranny and turn
Ever happened or half-done…

In print, hidden or history
Man-made myth and mystery
Black dog kept on barking
Faulty flags were flattering!

Red-blue-crosses, Jack-Jill
Scrolled down or flying still
Conscious, heavy-rush winning
Cinderella, rats and pumpkin!

A parrot in green ‘n peck-red
Mocked on roses or soft bed
Hopped or jumped in agony
In some horrible harmony!

With, graveyard-gas-lamps fading
The parrot kept on crying…..!

Parrot, Now:

Cyber-crime and hyper rhyme
Casual citizen’s mimic and mime

Rotating globe got big-bang past
Dramatic den and traumatic cast

Shot-gun, god-gun, topless babe
You think rhythm and I think rape

Tommy lost mummy - she wept a lot
Midday’s coverage “Tommy’s so hot!”

I would sell and you must buy
Never you mind if price tag’s high


Fashion and future feudal fate
We got a tale of cat-rat-mate

Earth's in war and moon’s in peace
Midnights shine with sleep-light bliss


Moon, on front page, it can blast
News or views have craze and lust

As you blast bombs I must run
You saved own ass, its my turn!!!